PI3K assay

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Fri Oct 25 03:33:46 EST 2002


you might check tha papers by Haring-HU on that:

Please query



haring-hu pi3 kinase



At 19:51 24.10.02 -0400, Siddhartha S Mitra wrote:
>I am trying to see PI3K activation in xenopus oocytes. can any one 
>reccomend a good Ab for doing an IP against PI3K. Upstate Biotech has a 
>Ab against the p85 subunit which they reccomend for the IP for a PI3K 
>assay but the catalytic subunit is the p110. Is the p110 bound to the 
>p85 subunit the active subunit?
>Any suggestions would be welcome
>Sid Mitra


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