Pwo polymerase

Susanne rohrerspamsusannespam at
Fri Oct 25 06:22:25 EST 2002

Luk Vandenberghe wrote:

> Hi all,
> Does anybody know where to order Pwo polymerase from since Roche stopped
> supplying it. I tried contacting their sales dept, as well as google, no
> results.

Well we are getting it again. When they discontinued it, we bought their
Tgo pol, but we were dissappointed with it - complained to them, and voila,
few weeks later they had Pwo again.
Maybe this is just here in Switzerland which is the Roche Diagnostics HQ I

They seem to have wanted to stop making Pwo because it is almost exactly
the same as Pfu, and that would bring on patent lawsuits from Stratagene
(?), but after obviously receiving complaints about their new polymerase,
and probably from lots of customers, they must have started producing it
again. Why not try Pfu?

Good luck.


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