gene regulation in knockout mice

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On 29 Oct 2002 20:26:15 -0000, yongwee at ("Yong Wee Wong")

>Hi there,
>I am working on the gene differential expression screening (by microarray) 
>using a gene deficient mouse model. In the array screening, there is a gene 
>3 folds down-regulated. This gene is very closed to the knockout gene on the 
>same chromosome(About 1 000 000bp apart). Has anybody come across this case 
>before in the knockout model? Could this downregulation caused by physical 
>location on the chromosome/ or the transgene? thanks

Interesting question. In a new online journal, there is some
discussion of "transcriptional territories" in Drosophila: apparently
there is a tendency for some genes to be regulated similarly just due
to proximity. See:



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