Mycoplasma Elimination

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Fri Sep 6 09:01:59 EST 2002

Emir Khatipov wrote:

> I once did literature search when I had a similar problem, and found out
> that BM-cyclin is more efficient, which influenced me in purchasing this
> product. It does work well, but the procedure is a bit long (something like
> 2 weeks at least), but it is worth the time, especially if you want to be
> sure to completely eliminate mycoplasma. You might not need to purchase the
> mycoplasma detection kit that they recommend, because in many cases a simple
> DAPI staining allows to see mycoplasma dna in the cell cytoplasm.
> Emir

> "chris bruce" <c.k.bruce at> wrote in message
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> > Hello,
> >
> > I have been informed that a cell line that i have has mycoplasma
> > contamination. I have several vials of the cells, but they were all frozen
> > at the same time, so chances are these cells will also be contaminated.
> > Whilst my instinct is to discard this cell line, as it is a patient
> derived
> > fibroblast line I am not able to re-establish it.  What i am wanting to do
> > is try and eliminate the contamination. I have found several products,
> > BM-cyclin from roche, Mynox from Minerva-biolabs and Plasmocin from
> > invivogen, but i am not sure which product to use. Have any of you had
> > experience of using these products, or can you recommend a different
> product
> > that will help eliminate the mycoplasma contamination that i have. I do
> not
> > know what species of mycoplasma i have.
> >
> >
> > Many thanks in advance for your advice

I routinely use plasmocin and keep an eye on contamination with a PCR based detection kit. 
You can use a higher concentration to eliminate contamination, and a lower concentration to 
maintain a contamination free culture.

Good luck!


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