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Liz Parks liz_parks at
Mon Sep 9 14:22:05 EST 2002

Hi Lorena,
I have done AFLP with the Gibco kit, and I never could see the preamp on a
gel, agarose or PAG, even though I used the recommended amount of DNA.  I
think 250 ng may be too little to visualize as a smear.  Go ahead and do
your selective amp, and see what you get.

Lorena Quintero wrote:

> Hello
> I am working with AFLP in a amazonian specie, I am using AFLP system I
> kit by Life Technologies (Gibco) but I have had some problems. I dont
> have any preamplification, neither with tomato and arabidopsis DNA
> that comes with the kits. I dont know what is happen, I assayed many
> things but it has had unsuccesful.
> I would appreciate any help, suggestion or advice,
> Thanks,
> Lorena

Liz Parks
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Department of Plant Pathology
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