Cell fusion

Carl Kirkwood kirkwooc at cryptic.rch.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 11 18:41:08 EST 2002

  Hi all,

We are about to revisit MAb production after several years. We are 
using the cell line Sp2/0 to fuse with the spleen cells we obtain 
from mice immunized with our expressed protein.

Our old protocol called for both FBS and HAT to be used in the 
initial fusion, then after positives cells were identified they were 
weaned of HAT, with FBS still included in the media. I quess the 
question is two parts
1) can serum free media be used in these fusions, instead of FBS?
2) if not can the positives be also weaned of FBS?

Does anyone have a protocol they could provide?

Thanks all,

Carl Kirkwood.

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