Methanol/tankblot buffer

Stacy Carl-McGrath stacy.carl-mcgrath at
Fri Sep 13 04:46:45 EST 2002

Methanol is used in transfer buffers for gels that contain SDS as it
increases the efficiency of transfer. For gels that do not contain SDS (i.e.
native), methanol should not be used in the transfer buffer as it causes the
pores of the gel to constrict and this can lead to problems with
transferring larger MW proteins to the membrane.

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> "Philipp Wechner" <philipp.wechner at> wrote in message
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> > As far as I know the methanol avoids that the gel swells during
> > blotting.
> That's right. If you omit methanol, you should pre-swell the gel in the
> transfer buffer for at least 2 hours

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