gene expression profiles from human blood after ethanol treatment

zhuhua9863 at zhuhua9863 at
Mon Sep 16 09:39:35 EST 2002

Hi, we are struggling how to "block" the interfering of the genes from red blood cells when trying to do cDNA array hybridization to study the gene expression profiles of white blood cells. 
Since the sample limit, we can only get very small amount of the whole blood sample at each time point and we isolated the total RNA from them. Due to same "resource" limit, we have to amplify everything we got and to do probe synthesis etc.
Except gene-specific primers, does anybody have good idea and convenient method to "separate" the red blood cell and white blood cell or selectively amplify white blood genes without changing the original gene expression pattern? KEEPING THE ORIGINAL GENE EXPRESSION PATTERN is our key concern when we are thinking of the RNA isolation protocol from whole blood.

Any idea and suggustion is greatly appreciated!!


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