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cxwang at wam.umd.edu (Chunxin Wang) wrote in message news:<Pine.GSO.4.21.0209241559440.14116-100000 at rac1.wam.umd.edu>...
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know which company is providing Bcc I? I looked all the major
> supplier's catalogs but couldn't find it. I need it for developing a CAPS
> marker.
> Thanks!
> Black

So that you know for next time, NEB runs a web site that references
restriction enzymes from many suppliers.  They are pretty fair about
giving competitors' enzymes equal treatment, as far as I can tell.

Visit http://rebase.neb.com

And yes, this site lists Bcc I as commercially unavailable.  But they
give a link to an address you can contact if you want to try preparing
some of your own enzyme (now, wouldn't that be fun!).

Good luck!

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