Metal inocculating loops/holders

D.K. at
Wed Apr 2 19:36:32 EST 2003

In article <b6euc3$r5c$1 at>, C Coward <cc122 at> wrote:
>Does anyone out there know of a company (preferably in the UK) who can
>supply metal innoculation loops and holders? You know the things I mean -
>metal (platinum?) wire with a loop on the end, attached to a wee handle;
>used for picking bacterial colonies. We aren't after disposable plastic

Why? Personally, I have given up using loops many years ago. 
A touch with a sterile disposable tip ("yellow" or "blue", 
depending on how far you need to reach in the tube) is all
it takes. Faster than loop, too. (Yes, I streak with tips too -
works great)


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