Extra DNA band EtBr in running buffer

JDM demaeyer.joris at advalvas.be
Fri Apr 4 08:18:37 EST 2003

Just to be clear:

In the EtBr containing gel I see: 240bp and 290bp band

When EtBr is in the running buffer I see: 240bp, 290bp and 310bp bands

So in case of EtBr in the running buffer there is an extra band.


demaeyer.joris at advalvas.be (JDM) wrote in message news:<342b6526.0304030248.6fb0b212 at posting.google.com>...
> Hello,
> Can anyone help me with the following problem.  When I run a PCR
> reaction on an agarose gel (2%) containing EtBr I see two DNA bands of
> 240 and 290 bp respectively.  When I load the same PCR product on a
> gel containing no EtBr, but put the EtBr in the running buffer, I see
> an extra band of +/- 310 bp.
> Does anyone has an idea how this is possible?
> Thanks,
> Joris

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