what are some of the most common, best quality transfection reagents?

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Sun Feb 23 15:16:45 EST 2003

Ok Wo,

Here is my contract.  I have just paid you in life units, one unit is the
amount, and the unit is defined as:

Its equivalent to the time I invested to write this post.  Which is actually
a small piece of my life, approximately 1 / 100,000,000 of my life


"Wolfgang Schechinger" <hubahopp at gmx.de> wrote in message
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> At 03:47 PM 2003/2/22 -0500, Brain Cells wrote:
> >Anyone have experience with transfection reagents in general?
> Yes, me e.g.
> What are some
> >of the common transfection reagents supplied
> I know lots of them.
> , that may have the broadest
> >use, that work great, and are not too costly?
> >
> What about offering me a contract for counseling?
> Regards,
> Wo
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