Fluorescent dye for green laser

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Wed Jan 1 06:52:47 EST 2003

Dear Tina, 

See http://www.probes.com. They have a wide selection of dyes and have all
spectral data you'll need on line.
Biorad used to give away a very nice poster showing the Em/Ex spectra of
lotsa F-dyes, too.

Regards, Wo

At 12:16 PM 2002/12/31 -0800, Tina wrote:
>I need some help figuring out what fluorescent dyes are available for
>use with a green laser (532 nm excitation).  I am looking for dyes
>with emission at 580 nm and 670 nm.  These are the ones I know of:
>R-PE/B-PE Cy3, TRITC, TAMRA, Alexa 532/546, PI (all 580 nm) and PerCP,
>PE-Cy5, 7-AAD (670 nm).  Does anybody know of any others?
>Thanks for your  help and Happy New Year.


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