Unbiased Stereology

MohammadReza Namavar namavarreza at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 06:09:34 EST 2003

Dear Professor
I am working on Unbiased Stereology of Human Claustrum
as my PhD Thesis. I have prepared only coronal serial
sections from claustrum(25 micrometer thickness). I
have selected every 20th of section first by random
and then systematic random selection. I have stained
them with Cluver-Barrera method. I want to measure
numerical density, surface area and volume of neurons
in different parts of claustrum by using Cavallier
method, Optical disector and Nucleator.
One professor said to me that I can not measure
surface area, volume etc, because I did not use
Isotropic section (only coronal sections).
I want to know if I can measure them. I use electronic
microcator(MT 12, Heidenheinn).
I appreciate from you for your direction.

My E-mail is: namavarreza at yahoo.com

Yours sincerely,
M.Reza Namavar

M.Reza Namavar
Department of Anatomical Sciences
School of Medicine
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

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