BioToolKit 300: 45 frequently-used software for bioscientists

Chang Zhu czhu at
Wed Jul 2 17:30:52 EST 2003

BioToolKit is a collection of 45 frequently-used
software for biomedical scientists. Most software
in the Kit have been tested online by thousands
of users. With the help of these software, you 
can get better experimental results and save time.

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online demo and download.

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Antibody   Abie Pro 3.0: Peptide antibody design.
           Reduce background cross-reactions by 
           avoiding over-represented sequences in a 
Calculator Centrifugation: Centrifugation force/speed
Calculator Clinical: calculator Date/time, body mass,
           surface area.   
Calculator Units: Units conversions.   
Genetics   Log Odds Ratio: Convert between (log) odds
           ratio and risk factor. 
Genetics   RF Calculate: map distance from
HTP        Godlist Manager 2.0: Batch manipulation of
           text and sequences.   
HTP        Heatmap Viewer 1.4: Heatmap display of
           high-throughput data.   
HTP        Microhelper 1.02:  Merging microarray
           datasets, checking data integrity, 
           filtering noises, and normalizing data.    
Lab Tools  Lab Inventory: Small inventory database.   
Lab Tools  LabLabel 1.02: Print barcodes,
           stock/mail/eppendorf labels.   
Lab Tools  PeptideBase 1.4: Searchable database of
Lab Tools  PrimerBase 2.0: Searchable database of
Molecular  Compatible Ends: Find restriction enzymes
           with compatible ends.   
Molecular  Extinction Coefficient: Protein extinction
Molecular  Format: Sequence Format DNA/Protein
Molecular  Initiation:  Translation initiation signal
           for 2000 species. 
Molecular  MW:  Molecular weight for
Molecular  Master Mix: Calculate components for a
           master cocktail.   
Molecular  Molar Concentration: Molar concentration
           related calculations.   
Molecular  OneThree: Converts between single- and
           three-letter protein codes.   
Molecular  Randomizer 1.02: Randomize DNA/protein
Molecular  Recipe: Calculator Calculator for 100
           common recipes.   
Molecular  Reverse/Complement: DNA reverse,
           complement, or reverse/complement.   
Molecular  Spectrometer Sample: concentration from
           spectrometer reading.   
Molecular  Translator Translation of DNA sequences.   
PCR        Primo:  Primo is a suite of PCR primer
           design software. It reduces background 
           random primer binding, eliminates 
           primer-primer dimers, and selects primers 
           with consistent composition and melting 
PCR        Primo Degenerate 3.4: Standard and
           degenerate PCR primer design. 
PCR        Primo Diverse 3.4: Amplify diverse regions
           of a gene family. 
PCR        Primo MSP 3.4: Methylation specific PCR and
           bisulfate sequencing. 
PCR        Primo Multiplex 3.4: Standard and multiplex
           PCR primer design. 
PCR        Primo Optimum 3.4: Optimize codon usage and
           gene synthesis. 
PCR        Primo Pro 3.4: Standard PCR primer design.
           Batch mode. 
PCR        Primo Profile 3.4: Degenerate primers for
           profiling 10-100s of genes. 
PCR        Primo Random 3.4: Random primers for RAPD,
           AP-PCR, and RAP-PCR. 
PCR        Primo Unique 3.4: Uniquely amplify one gene
           in a set/family. 
Statistics BioDataFit 1.02: Data fitting for
           dose-response, ligand-binding, enzyme 
           kinetics, and growth inhibition. EC50 
           calculation using four-parameter or 
           sigmoidal model. 
Statistics Chi-square: Chi-square test. 
Statistics Correlation: Linear and non-linear
           correlation coefficients. 
Statistics Probability: Poisson and Binomial
           probability distribution. 
Statistics SVM Classifier: Train to classify multiple
Statistics SVM SeqClassifier: Train to recognize
           sequence patterns. 
Statistics Sample Size: Estimate sample sizes needed. 
Statistics t-test: t-test calculator. 
Statistics z-test: z-test. Normal distribution
Teaching   Grade Book 1.02: Grade book. Calculates
           final letter scores. 
Testing    Primo Melt 3.4: Primer design for DGGE or
Testing    SVM RNAi:  siRNA design using SVM learning
           program. Eliminate siRNAs 
           with multiple targets. 


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