Octyl-D-Glucoside solutions

Andrew Perry a.perry at Pgrad.University.of.Melbourne
Wed Jul 2 21:45:37 EST 2003

The bottle says Octyl-D-Glucoside so I'd assume it is what we think it
is .... unless ICN has stuffed up and put something else in the bottle
?? It's also sometimes called n-OCTYL-D-GLUCOPYRANOSIDE.

Several papers refer to using Octyl-D-Glucoside at similar
concentrations, but purchased from Bachem or Anatrace. Maybe there is a
signifacant difference between 'Practical grade' and something else ?


D.K. wrote:
 > In article <be0048$muh$3 at ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au>, Andrew Perry 
<a.perry at Pgrad.University.of.Melbourne> wrote:
 > Both of these things tell me there is some sort of confusion and
 > he's got some other detergent.
 > DK

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