Why Recmbt Thermostable DNA Polym. forms white pellets in 100 um frozen vials?

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Tue Jun 3 03:01:48 EST 2003

Looks like there are aggregates already present in solution. Salting in
with some ammonium sulfate or NaCl/KCl might help.


At 11:11 02.06.2003 -0400, Great Weather wrote:
>Please help.
>If I store the recombinant DNA thermostable polymerase (similar to rtaq) in
>a vial of 100 microlitres and 5 Units  / uL with dry ice.
>The frozen material inside appears like very clear gel with small white
>pellet like particles, or one larger white pellet inside the very clear
>frozen liquid.
>Why does this happen when frozen with dry ice: to the DNA thermostable
>polymerase that includes the storage buffer.?
>Is this a problem or is it not an issue since vortexing and melting will
>make it one clear solution again.?
>Please shed some light or suggestions.


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