virus (or something similar) warning

Philipp Wechner mantis at
Mon Mar 10 09:05:43 EST 2003

Wolfgang Schechinger schrieb:

> Hi Folks,
> Just found some bogus stuff in my mailbox declared as a "microsoft update"
> and saw lots of bionetters' email addresses in the CC field.

yep - i alos got it

> I'd suggest to trash that garbage unread.

did it - (and i did not need your hint for ths :)

i am also getting other mails that seem to be adressed to newsgroupers.....
very often some Mbasa Tutu from Kongo wants to send me money :)

> Regards and a good protection again flu's
> Wolfgang
> ---

cu Philipp
(answers to the above email-adress are not read daily)

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