cDNA libraries of Spring Bioscience

AT atikhono at
Thu Mar 13 10:55:03 EST 2003

Dear netters,

Have anyone used the cDNA libraries from Spring Bioscience? I need to 
buy the  cDNA libraries from about 10 different human tissues. The goal 
is to reclone ORFs in Bacvirus expression  vectors. The major 
considerations are the quality of library (full-length, amplification 
method - not PCR-based, # of recombinants, etc.) and cost (because of 
number of libraries needed). I know that Stratagene and BD Clontech have 
good ones but Stratagene is too expensive and BD's libraries are made 
with long-distance PCR that introduces errors. So I am looking for  less 
expensive alternative.  Spring Bioscience has large collection of human 
cDNA libraries, but I never used of heard anything about how good they are.

I appreciate if you could share your experience with me. Please email me 
at atikhono at




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