Easy way to measure pH of oil ?

Dr. Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at nmsu.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:09:05 EST 2003

Dr. Eimert,

I am not sure what your ultimate gaol is, but pH is essentially a parameter 
that only polar compounds have.  I have not heard of "pH of Lipids".  
"Neutralizing" lipids should basically yield either "soaps" or "fatty-acid 
esters"!  Naturally "Litmus" paper or any pH-indicator paper would not work. 

But, I would certainly like to know if I have missed something here.



Quoting "Dr. Klaus Eimert" <eimert at web.de>:

> Hi,
> it's not strictly "molecular biology" but here we go: I have turpentine 
> solved in linseed oil. For further use I have to neutralize the pH. Is 
> there any easy way to do that? Lackmus paper doesn't work - I suspect 
> because of physical reasons (though I am not sure of that by any means, I 
> am no chemist). I would rather not risk the life of our pH-meters electrode
> and the wrath of my boss :-)  So, any idea?
> Regards,
> Klaus

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