Protocol for identification of unknown bacteria

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at
Sun Mar 16 19:38:59 EST 2003

Ian A. York wrote:
> In article <3E727D34.3080403 at>,
> Scott J. Coutts <scott.coutts at> wrote:
>>Yeah, I just got that too. Hey Des, you're not at the Baker Institute at 
>>the moment are you? I know your email address isnt a baker mail adress, 
>>but I'm from Monash and I recieved that same email as you but it says 
>>it's from "Khoa.Ngo at" (which is the same domain as 
>>where I mail from).
>>Wierd. I dont know how the comes back from a newsgroup post?! It didnt 
>>even go by email.
> Yes, it does.  This newsgroup is gatewayed to an email list.  A fair 
> number of people read the posts to this newsgroup via the email gateway, 
> perhaps because their place of work doesn't have a newsfeed (common in 
> companies, I think).  If they leave without unsubscribing, then their mail 
> will bounce; if there are a series of misconfigurations that email will 
> make it back to the newsgroup or perhaps to the sender of the post.  

Oh, that explains it! I didnt realise that it was set up like that. They 
should reconfigure it to filter bounces from the group! Thanks for the 

> It's a relatively common event, unfortunately. 

Oh, ok. I haven't see it before.


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