Alternative to RNAi? Liposome not needed for tranfection

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Wed Mar 19 18:04:02 EST 2003

There are at least a dozen papers using electroporation for siRNA
transfection, and a leading supplier of has designed systems for in-vivo
delivery in animals and clinical studies.  The Cyto Pulse combination of a
high voltage pulse for poration and then low voltage electrophoresis-like
pulses for delivery has very low toxicity and thus gives high cell viability
and efficiency.

Check out for gene delivery (or siRNA)
and also their systems for general and animal research.  They also have cell
fusion systems that work.

Walt Schick
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> I just wonder why everybody rushed these days into RNAi business, when a
> definite disadvantage of the technology is that it is inapplicable for in
> vivo studies because it requires liposome or otherwise mediated
> transfection.
> Would not that be easier just to make RNA fusions to protein transduction
> peptides like TAT? Do you guys know if it is possible to chemically link
> RNA (or DNA) chain to a linear peptide? Such RNA/peptide conjugates could
> directly administered to patients to silence gens...
> -Emir


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