Alternative to RNAi?

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> >clear enough. I have no doubts that RNAi are effective. I am more worried
> >about the final purpose - administration to patients, where liposone
> What on earth makes you think this is the "final purpose"?  99.999% of
> people using RNAi have no interest in this sort of thing.

So what do you think is the purpose of RNAi = gene silencing? At least if
you look at it from the point of view of justification of the aims of
research proposals that get funded? I certainly understand the functional
genomics aspect, but knowing the function of the gene is not the "final
purpose", isn't it? I am certainly not educated enough to judge. 99.999% of
janitors (no offense) never think that sweeping streets can have positive
epidemiological consequences :-)

> >why nobody thought about chemicaly fusing peptides and NAs. I am not a
> >chemist and wonder if such a mixed synthesis is ever possible. Any
> >information on the subject? I tried to search NCBI with no success so
> From what I know about the mechanism of RNAi (which is basically what's in
> the reviews) chemical coupling will prevent RNAi from working.

Could you elaborate on that or give me a reference? Do you mean somebody
tried the RNAi coupled to linear peptides and failed?

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