Alternative to RNAi?

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> Understanding the universe is the final purpose, as far as I'm concerned.

And, why do we need to understand? To apply the knowledge I guess. What is
first, the chicken or the egg? Anyway, this discussion will get us nowhere,
and after all it is not the subject of this thread.

Your point about precise length and free ends is good, although again it
would be nice to know for sure if this is so. Unfortunately, many things in
science are achieved without having a mechanism in mind a priori, but rather
"poking at" or stumbling over things that sometimes cannot be explained.
 - Emir

> I know of no one who has tried to couple linear peptides to nucleic acids
> and either failed or succeeded.  If there is someone, I certainly hope
> they have a mechanism in mind by which it could succeed and are not merely
> poking at things they don't understand, like a baboon in a 747.
> Ian
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