Alternative to RNAi

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at
Thu Mar 20 06:15:42 EST 2003

>I know of no one who has tried to couple linear peptides to nucleic acids
>and either failed or succeeded. If there is someone, I certainly hope
>they have a mechanism in mind by which it could succeed and are not merely
>poking at things they don't understand, like a baboon in a 747.


Remarkable contribution, Ian! This is one of the things I love about this
news group - reading such stanzas once and again.
To be frank, I surely feel myself like a baboon sometimes, even when doing
the most simple experiment on cells.
When I do get the result I expect, I can even bang my chest and jump around.

Concerning non-viral delivery of siRNA - I am pretty sure it is possible.
But why not liposomes? You only need to deliver siRNA to cytoplasm, right?
With DNA, which has still to enter the nucleus, they did try to couple
NLS-peptides to plasmids, but to my knowledge it did not improve expression
(Amaxa Nucleofection rings a bell here, but I do not know on what it is
based, just electric conditions (?). Who knows?).

There is a system for protein delivery, called Chariot which can also be
used with peptide nucleis acids-based siRNA (check Active Motif web site
***no affiliation*** ). As I understood from their explanation, Chariot is
based on a PTD-containing peptide that non-covalently associates with your
molecule (protein or PNA siRNA) and delivers it into live cells. Basically,
like E.K. suggested, but no covalent modification involved.

lets be patient, and the Universe will reveal itself ...



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