Alternative to RNAi?

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On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Ian A. York wrote:

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> >Could you elaborate on that or give me a reference? Do you mean somebody
> >tried the RNAi coupled to linear peptides and failed?
> No, I mean that the mechanism of action of RNAi, as far as is known,
> requires free ends on the nucleic acid, and precise length.  Both of
> those suggest that coupling to peptides should block RNAi effects.

(warning: entirely speculative rambling ahead)

unless, perhaps, you couple the peptide to the _middle_ of the siRNA.
ribose has that handy 2' OH group, after all. however, i should imagine
that this might interfere with the siRNA binding to whatever proteins it
binds to. perhaps the the chemical coupling could be made labile under
reducing conditions, so that the transport peptide fell off once the
complex entered the cell.

> I certainly hope they have a mechanism in mind by which it could succeed
> and are not merely poking at things they don't understand, like a baboon
> in a 747.

hey! that's my career plan you're bashing!


Only men's minds could have mapped into abstraction such a territory

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