Southern Blot

Ong boch19 at
Fri Mar 28 12:11:34 EST 2003

 yes, i,m using the DIG system and i have done the depurination step. Did
that step interupt with my result??
I have used probe from my own bacteria and also other related bacteria. Both
only show signal on the DNA marker and not my sample.

Sergio <yokese at> wrote in message
news:3E7ED5F3.3030500 at
> Are you using DIG?.
> If doing genomic southerns, are you performing the depurinization step?.
> Maybe you'd want to check the labelling and the specificity of your
> probe by some dot-blot analysis before trying the southern.
> Sergio
> Ong wrote:
> > when hybridize my sample with non radioactive labeled peobe, only the
> > marker give signal. Why???? any one can help me???
> >
> >

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