DNA electrophoresis problems

Sergio yokese at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 09:50:50 EST 2003

Are you running the gel with the EtBr in the gel or the tank?. In that 
case, EtBr (that is positively charged) migrates to the cathode and goes 
out of the gel. Just submerge the gel in a EtBr solution after 
elecrophoresis to stain it completely.


Alfredo Gutierrez wrote:
> I am having problems with some mosquito DNA electrophoresis and I
> cannot figure out the cause.
> When the electrophoresis is finished I only see half of the gel dyied
> with the ethidium bromide. Only in that side of the gel, of course,
> the bands are visible but I cannot get the gel completely covered with
> the ethidium bromide after several trials. I am sure that my DNA
> samples are good but I am not completely sure about the reagents.
> Has anyone out there had the same problem? I would like to know how I
> can solve it.
> thanks in advance
> Yaxier

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