T7-Polymerase gene!

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> Hello everybody!
> We are looking for the T7-Polymerase-gene. Any suggestion where we can 
> get this from?
> Thank you

I would think that the most obvious place would be in the GenBank entry 
for the genome sequence of E. coli bacteriophage T7, now designated as 
Enterobacteria phage T7. The most recent accession for that is NC_001604.

The T7 DNA polymerase is gene 5, the T7 RNA polymerase is gene 1.

Unless what you really are looking for is a supplier of the enzyme in 
which case T7 RNA polymerase is sold by (among others) Invitrogen, MBI 
Fermentas and Amersham Biosciences [formerly Amersham Pharmacia] and T7 
DNA polymerase is sold by MBI Fermentas and Amersham Biosciences.


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