Last nights Labmakers SPAM

Han Broekman noone at nospam.invalid
Thu May 29 06:30:26 EST 2003

Duncan Clark <junk@[]> wrote in

> Hi Folks,
> I don't suppose anyone has a phone or fax no. for Labmakers the second
> hand equipment auction house, I think based in Canada?
> I don't know if any of you were the recipients of over 1000 identical 
> SPAM e-mails from them last night, sent through what looks like a 
> Taiwanese relay, but I am distinctly unhappy about it.
> Rather than send an e-mail and give them another opportunity to SPAM 
> that I would rather phone them and give them hell. There is no
> phone/fax number or address anywhere on their web site so it's a
> little difficult to contact them.
> I've never seen such a gross amount of a single SPAM item before. 
> Labmakers should be blacklisted on all DNS block lists.
> Duncan

I'm jealous!  I only got 2, 1 each to 2 different email addresses.  I
also do not use a real email address on usenet.  If anybody needs my
address, you'd have to ask here and I will tell you then. 

Best regards
email address is invalid

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