[OT] making animation of protein structure

Florian beibs at gmx.net
Fri May 30 08:18:18 EST 2003

try the program "molmol". if you have got a file which contains data
about the 3d- structure of a protein (e.g. *.pdb) you can display the
data three- dimensional. the program provides the possibilities to
rotate the molecule, render ribbons, render backbones without
sidechains and many more.
download it for free (linux/many win- systems) at:


an alternative to the quite big software package "molmol" could be
"rasmol". this program does quite the same but it only has more basic



gianluca <taira_r1 at libero.it> wrote in message news:<67cedvkdndj2gksgb4n54klo05620dh2f4 at 4ax.com>...
> hi to everyone.
> I'm just wandering if there is a simple
> program to make strucutre animation. I mean short videoclips
> with molecule rotation, translartion, addition and removing of
> structure details and so on.
> Any suggetsion?
> Thank you very much
> Gianluca
> PS I have posted this message also on other NGs

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