DNA Extraction of EDTA Blood on paper

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at med.monash.edu.au
Fri May 30 19:32:42 EST 2003

and you can try a little more Mg2+ if the EDTA is a problem.

Richard P. Grant wrote:
> In article <d1348873.0305280232.7490b57f at posting.google.com>,
>  s.s.mastana at lboro.ac.uk (Sarabjit Mastana) wrote:
>>We have some EDTA blood samples which are spotted on Whatman paper 3
>>and are finding it very difficult to extract DNA for further/PCR
>>analysis. We have tried Chelax and Gentra kit but no success. Any body
>>has any good cheap method to do this extraction. Or a method of how to
>>get rid of EDTA from paper and then perhaps DNA can be extracted.
> Hmm. . .  if all you're doing is PCR, then taking a piece of the spotted 
> paper, soaking it in ~ 100µl (say) TE or T(1/10)E, cooking at 80C for a 
> few minutes, then spinning down and adding 10X PCR buffer to the 
> supernatant *should* get you enough genomic DNA for PCR analysis.  If 
> you're paranoid, chloroform extraction will get rid of most of the 
> protein that's released when the cells pop.

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