growing fibroblasts from mouse tail

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at
Wed Nov 12 08:46:40 EST 2003


this works for human skin fibroblasts from biopsies:

cut subcutaneous slice into  small squares (eg 1mm x 1mm), place them in
small TC dish (eg 12 or 24 well plate), cover (without applying force) with
a sterile cover slip to keep them in place and use some sterile vaseline to
keep the cover slip in place. Then cover with medium (eg. DMEM / 10% FCS)
and be patient. Replace medium when necessary.

You might check some papers by Schleicher-ED and Weigert-C for details.

At 03:55 12.11.2003 -0800, Ripley wrote:
>I need to grow fibroblasts from the knock-out mice, has anyone done
>that with the tissue from the mouse tail or ear punch? Where can I
>find protocols for preparing them from the tissues or perhaps from
>embryos or other tissues?
>Iwona Grad, PhD
>Picard Lab
>Department of Cellular Biology
>University of Geneva


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