Plant Genomic DNA extraction for southern

BioNate sampsonne at
Wed Oct 15 11:59:03 EST 2003

I currently use CTAB extraction for my genomic DNA extractions for
southern, but I was wondering if anyone had tried using the Puregene
kit from Gentras Systems. I use this kit in a multi-well format for
small scale DNA extraction for PCR and Quantitative PCR. I recently
visited Gentra's web page and found a protocol for a much larger scale
prep. if you are interested.

This is a very simple protocol and very fast. As I said before, I have
used DNA extracted using this protocol in PCR applications, so I'm
assuming it would be servicable for southern use as well. The above
protocol states a 90-900uG genomic yield, this is pleny for southern.

Thanks for your help


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