Cheaper is more expensive!

Bonehammer bonehammer73 at
Thu Oct 16 11:06:19 EST 2003

Hi everyone.
Just trying to let off some steam after this week's events. I know I'm
not saying anything new, just bear with me tho...
First of all, we finally found why our PCRs had become a nightmare:
dNTPs from a cheaper source. Results ranged from no amplification at
all, to somewhat smeary bands. I alone can account for 30+ test PCRs
done in order to pinpoint and solve the problem (read: Taq, primers,
precious template...)
Yesterday, one of my colleagues lost two weeks of work when the tubes
containing her samples, which she was ethanol-precipitating, collapsed
in the centrifuge (we do not have a proper rotor for 500µl tubes, so
we insert them into 1500µl tubes which cap has been cut off).
List could go on... pipette tips that get stuck in their racks (one
carton down, seven more to go), an unworkable multi-channel (no two
tips are filled to the same point)...

Moral: Always be suspicious of cheap consumables. In doubt, ask for a
free sample and then TEST THE D*** THINGS TO DESTRUCTION!...


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