Silver staining Western membranes

Schwabe, TME tatjana.schwabe at
Fri Sep 26 13:17:04 EST 2003

There are two papers I remember, both in Analytical Biochemisty.
Phelps (1984) describes a complete destaining procedure before the blot. 
Perides (1986) mentions that transfer is not inhibited by CBB, but 
describes a destaining step after transfer for better visualisation of 
proteins on the blot.

I haven't tried any of the protocols myself though.


Sean Patterson wrote:

>> Never  did a western transfer after staining with CBB-R.  I have not 
>> done it
>> because I believe the blot will be useless for proper immunodetection 
>> if the
>> polypeptides are stained.  However, Transferring ponceau stained gels has
>> worked.
> If I recall correctly, the gels were completely destained before 
> transfer, but it's been so long since I looked at the original paper 
> that I'm really not sure.
> Sean
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