rational siRNA design

Chang Zhu czhu at changbioscience.com
Tue Apr 6 19:13:23 EST 2004

SVM RNAi 3.6 --- Software for rational siRNA design

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1. Incorporates recent advances in rational siRNA 
2. Selects siRNA target sequences based on simple 
3. Learns from past successes and failures for 
   better siRNA design. 
4. Automatically designs oligos for a variety of 
   technical platforms:
     synthetic siRNA    in vitro translated siRNA
     shRNA              vector-based siRNA
5. Tailors to user-specific systems.   
6. Eliminates unintended targets by "Blast" search
   transcribed genome sequences or predicted genes. 
7. Avoids targeting to Single Nucleotide 
   Polymorphism (SNP) sites. 
8. Generates scrambled controls.


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