HEL electroporation

piera.trionfini at unipv.it piera.trionfini at unipv.it
Wed Apr 14 05:44:15 EST 2004

We have problems with erytrhroleukemia cells (HEL) electroporation. 
We used the ECM 630 electroporation protocol for HEL cells:
1)we washed growing cells in serum-free RPMI 1640 medium;
2)we used cells at 1.2*10(EXP7)/ml
3)we transfected them with 45 microg plasmid DNA.
Voltage: 400V
Capacitance: 950 microF
Resistance: none.
We suspect that we have low percentage of transfection cause we use a GFP probe and in fluorescence microscopy we have seen very few cell transfected.
Have someone any idea to resolve our problems? There is someone somewhere that uses this kind of cell for electroporation experiments? Any help is welcomed. Thank you in advance.
Piera Trionfini e Ilaria Canobbio.


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