HeLa and Cos7 spontaneously chnaging phenotype???

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Thu Apr 15 15:29:34 EST 2004

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> >Somone in my lab has just had their HeLa and Cos7 cells spontaneously
> >into fibroblast-like cells within one passage. They havent used any new
> >media or anything. This also happened last summer in our lab to some
> >HeLas, where several people's HeLa's changed within a few days. The only
> >thing I can think of is some mycoplasma or virus type thing, but i'm
> >totally lost as to an explanation????
> >
> The simplest explanation would be contamination by fibroblasts that
> outgrew these cultures. I know, not terribly believable either ...
> In many years, I've never seen HeLa or Cos changing phenotype.
> Mycoplasma would not do it but if it's a virus, you should find out
> and study it - very interesting!
> DK
Either that or someone mislabeled the vial.  I'd probably buy a new stock
and go from there.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out
exactly what the evil gods of science are doing to you.

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