RACE PCR Kit Recommendations Please

tvink lullo at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 16 04:15:32 EST 2004


We tried several kits / methods and in our hands the SMART RACE
technology of BD is the best (no affiliation). It is expemnsive but it
works  most of the time for 5'RACE (we never tried 3' RACE). You can
scale down the recommended volumes down to 5 microl. If you wanna do
lots of RACES you can even order their smart RACE oligo custom made to
bring down the costs. Hope this helps.

Grtz Tom

  On 13 Apr 2004 08:59:47 -0700, rusyniak at utsc.utoronto.ca (Stefan)

>I would like to do some RACE PCR in the near future.  I've looked at
>some of the RACE PCR kits that are available, and they all seem to
>have two things in common - high prices and low number of reacions. 
>That means that if I can convince my boss to purchase a kit, I will
>have very few chances to mess it up before getting it right.  So what
>I am looking for are some recommendations.
>I would like to do 5' RACE, but wouldn't mind having the option of
>doing 3' RACE.  I would be especially interested in experiences from
>those of you working on Arabidopsis.
>Thanks in advance,

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