TLC protocols

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Fri Apr 16 04:45:44 EST 2004

Sean Patterson wrote:

>       My specific problem is that I have an old vial (7 years) of 
> 3H-palmitic acid (5mCi/ml) in ethanol, and I want to know if I need 
> to repurify it before use. I suppose the most probable chemical 
> contaminant would be the formation of ethyl-palmitate over time, but 
> I don't know what the radiolytic breakdown would produce.

If you have no luck with the Stahl, your best bet might be to use a
reversed phase matrix similar to the ones used in HPLC. A check for
"fatty acid" and "HPLC" might turn up something that can be adapted to
the TLC-format.

Note that for your application you will probably have to add carrier
palmitic acid to the sample and check by fluorography that the
radioactivity coincides with the palmitate spot.

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