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Hi all - 
1st NOTE: I have no affiliation with any of the following companies:

-I recently purchased a Mixer Mill 301 manufactured by Retsch. I was most impressed by its great adaptability to preps of different sizes.  Check it out before you buy anything else!
-There is also a machine called a Fast Prep System (Bio 101 Savant, Savant Instruments, Inc., Holbrook, NY, USA).
-Glen Mills Inc., Clifton, New Jersey, USA (www.glenmills.com) specializes in milling equipment, their website is very broad and full of info.
-Spex CertiPrep has a magnetized bead mill (www.spexcsp.com) 
-QIAGEN has the same set-up as the Retsch but they call it the "TissueLyser"

Hope this helps
Dee Bell

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Subject: bead mills
buying a bead mill to break up small volumes (not enough for a
mortar and pestle) of algal cells for DNA extraction, especially for algae
with rigid cell walls such as rhodophytes.

Which of the bead mills do you consider strong and robust enough to perform
this kind of task? (At the moment, I know by name the Mini Beadbeater and
the Vortex Disruptor Genie.)

Thank you in advance,

best wishes,

Kerstin Hoef-Emden


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