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> Which of the bead mills do you consider strong and robust enough to perform
> this kind of task? (At the moment, I know by name the Mini Beadbeater and
> the Vortex Disruptor Genie.)

> Kerstin Hoef-Emden

Ambion sells an adaptor that fits on top of a genie 2 vortex and will hold
12 tubes.  It costs about $75 and so is a low cost solution if thats what
you are looking for.   We use it for yeast and it is satisfactory.  It is
a cheapish product (mainly plastic) but does the job.  If you do a lot of
preps this will probably be too flimsy.  

You can see the product number here:  

No picture of the product though.  It is basically just a disk with a few
plastic clips that hold your tubes horizontally.


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