problem with a negative controls

Anna bounty at
Sun Aug 1 01:51:56 EST 2004

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> .fm is micronesia

I'm from Poland. I finished my studies in Cracow:-)
I'm using PCR Grade Water to my negative controls. I'm making two
series of Master-Mixes: one  with e.g. Lectine gene from conventional
soy (we call that Reference) and the second Master-Mix with EPSPS gene
from RoundupReady soy (we call that GMO). So I have 4 negative, and 2
positive controls (we add there RR Soy 1%). I don't have problems with
my negative controls from GMO - they are clean. I have contamination
only in my negative controls from Reference Gel.
And what is worse last time I got my isolation negative control clean
but my NC added before PCR was still contamineted.
PS. I used the same water to all NCs. It was just opened.
Thanks for help, 

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