RNA decomtamination solution

Neil Horner n.horner at abdn.ac.uk
Sun Aug 1 09:31:06 EST 2004

Hi, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't make it clear in my original
post. I am looking for a solution that can be used to spray work surfaces
and pipettes etc., which will eliminate any RNase present


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> On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 12:16:55 +0100, "Neil Horner"
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> >Hi
> >
> >Does anyone know what is in the RNA decontamination solutions currently
> >the market, such as BD biosciences RNA Blaster or Ambion's RNA zap.
> >
> I don't know those particular products, but just to clarify: are you
> trying to get rid of RNA, or get rid of contaminants that may
> interfere with RNA purification/analysis? If the former, RNA is very
> base-labile, so getting rid of it is no problem with NaOH or something
> similar.
> Nick
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