FW: [OT] Looking for a protocol for chinese style dried plums!

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Under the Sun? Everyone (Chinese and non-Chinese) has the Sun.


For those sour-sweet taiwan style dried prunes, my guess is it is
rehydrated in a boiling solution of salt and sugar for a couple of
minutes, and then dried again.


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> I work with a bunch of fruit breeders and the simple organic method is:
> 1)	Make a solution of 2 parts lemon juice to 1 part water (citric
> acid keeps the color)
> 2)	Half the plums and remove the pit
> 3)	Dip the plum halves in the juice then place in a dehydrator or
> on a tray in the oven at a very low temp (200Fareheit) until the desired
> texture.
> You can also treat them with sulfur dioxide and dry them outside (SO2
> keeps the bugs away)
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> Dear Friends from Bionet, 
> this is quite OT unless someone wants to extract DNA or some interesting
> zymos from a bucket full of plums... anyway, I hope this post will reach
> lots of Asia people verywhere in the world.
> Today, I started harvesting some plums... after four hours of climbing
> around in a small tree, I had finished the first of 3 trees in our
> garden.
> And I ended up with 14 kg (!!!!!) of nice, not completely ripe fruit
> sitting in my kitchen now(I had to compete with lots of wasps and
> hornets
> wanting them all for lunch...). And two trees still are waiting! (To be
> harvested this week-end, too, the wasps and hornets already are waiting,
> too, and they are VERY hungry and they use to bite in every fruit they
> can
> get, but normally, they won't finish one before tasting the next...!)
> So what do do with all the plums? Of course, you envy to get a bag full
> of
> them by email or fax - Haha!? I simply could put most of them into the
> -20,
> but then they'll stay there forever, probably...
> Thus, I thought of preparing these nice dried plums I used to buy in
> every
> shop in Taiwan! I mean those looking quite dry and shrinky, being in a
> colour somewhere between greyish and dark brownpurple. They seem to be
> covered with something like a white powder.
> I already spent several hours seraching the net, but couldn't find any
> protocol. Seems to be either an inherited method nobody thinks worth a
> paper or it's maybe even TOP SECRET. So, PLEASE PLEASE, ask your
> grandmas
> (and your friends to ask their grandmas and their friends to ask their
> grandmas...) immediately how to convert plums into delicious dry plums,
> probably aka as prunes.
> If you have any other ideas what to make of the plums, just tell me
> please,
> I am VERY curious! And include a protocol / refernce, if possible! As
> the
> plums might start fermentating soon.
> Wolfgang
> My next posts will be more molbio as usual, I promise!
> Wolfgang Schechinger
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