Cresol red for PCR loading buffer...

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at
Wed Aug 4 17:25:23 EST 2004

As you have hydrophilic conditions, you'll probably be better off with the
salt. As CR is a pretty old compound, you might find some solubility data in
the Beilstein or the CRC handbook of organic chemicals, Or simply, check
Sigma (they should sell it) online for a data sheet and solubility data.

Please tell us

a) what makes Cresol red so interesting (never heard about it, but I am
really curious!)

b) if there is a reference

c) How you dissolved it in the end!

Best regards!


> Hi!
> I´d like to prepare my own PCR loding buffer with cresol red.
> Do I have to use the sodium salt or pure cresol red to solve it?
> Which one gives the better results?
> Any recipes???
> best regards
> J. Seggewiss

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