Cresol red for PCR loading buffer...

Kyle Legate legatek at
Thu Aug 5 12:47:10 EST 2004

Tim Fitzwater wrote:
> There are published reports of two different red dyes used for this
> purpose.
> 1) 0.01% Phenol red (R. J. Klebe, S. A. Rodriguez, M. L. VerBeek and
> T. A. Giambernardi, 1999. Simple method for "hot-start" RT-PCR.
> BioTechn. 27(6):1108-1110.)
> 2) Carl Wittwer's laboratory uses 0.1 mM Cresol Red for the same
> purpose (The Rapid Cyclist, Spring, 1994, page 9).
> Neither dye will act as a loading buffer, but serves as an indication
> that the Taq has been added and mixed properly.
Why would someone care enough to go to such lengths? Normal convection
during the cycles is more than enough to mix the enzyme.

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