Introduction of restriction sites via extended primers?

salli nospam at
Sat Aug 14 01:34:37 EST 2004

OK, thanks for clarifying. I do understand it now :-)
"Peter Frank" <peter_frankde at> skrev i en meddelelse
news:gqdqh0hucbdjadu1ekhminrdug1rlahgt0 at
> I wrote:
> >... For the primer-template hybrids the overhang will be irrelevant
> >and not affect the annealing temperature.
> I have to correct myself or at least be more specific. It will not be
> relevant for the very first primer-template hybrids with the template
> being the molecules one introduced into the PCR mix.
> But for newly synthesized amplicons serving as template it will affect
> the annealing temperature.
> Peter

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