Beautiful typesetting Examples

Krishnan Chittur kchittur at
Sat Aug 14 16:54:54 EST 2004

I thank Prof. Donald Knuth - daily it seems, for the 
gift of TeX.  Thanks also to the many who have written
wonderful macros, other software to make TeX THE way to
write beautiful documents.

There are wonderful examples in tex-archive/info ...
there are great examples with each package ... yet I keep
looking for examples (with source)

I recently generated a pdf file using pdflatex and
shapepar - wonderful example ... I am looking at ways
to generate more intriguing shapes using shapepar (and some
related *nix software for creating my own shapes)

But - ..

Can anyone direct me to beautiful examples of typesetting?
For example - is there a way to write a letter/document where
the letter/document is WITHIN a specific shape?  Example - 
I'd like to write a letter which will be enclosed WITHIN
a NAME - e.g. say KNUTH - where each alphabet, say, K, N,
U, T and H will be expanded just right to fit in the
entire letter?  (hope it makes sense!) - it is in a way
a derivative of shapepar - where the shape is the expanded
shape of the specific alphabet ... 

redirects to pages with specific, beautiful typesetting -
with graphics/(png, eps) will also be appreciated ...
(as you can imagine, I am trying to be creative with the
help of examples I can copy from!) ...

thanks, krishnan

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